Deadpool #15 Review

Deadpool is oddly paranoid, feeling like he’s being followed by “The Butler.” So what does he do? Puts on a butler’s uniform, makes some Downton Abbey jokes, and serves Wolver‌ine breakfast in bed. We find out that the Butler is a real threat. He’s hired a team to track down Deadpool and drop him off … Continue reading Deadpool #15 Review

The Wolverine

Here are some quick thoughts I had about The Wolverine, which I saw last night: This one is just called “The Wolverine.” No catchy subtitle, so I will make one.  The Wolverine: With no other X-men to overshadow me. Okay, there is one mutant named Yukio who in the very beginning, reveals to Wolverine that … Continue reading The Wolverine

My Video Game History

My earliest memory of video games is perhaps one of my earliest memories. Back in 1989, my family bought the first Nintendo Entertainment System. This is actually very shocking because if you know my parents, you know they hate any form of technology and they actually enjoy staying 20 years behind. The Nintendo was mostly … Continue reading My Video Game History