Who Wants to Play Video Games??

6 thoughts on “Who Wants to Play Video Games??”

  1. Technically it’s Zenimax that handles the beta invitations since they made the game. I’m pretty sure you’ll get another one just like i’m sure i’ll get another one but I won’t bother with it a third time. If I do get one i’ll just give it away. I’m a regular on Path of Exile. My wife and I play it all the time. You guys are welcome to join us. The way I give my loot to my wife is by dropping it on the floor.
    It always just us playing together so it’s no big deal. As for quest items it should have been there for you. I’ve never had that problem before.


      1. Awesome. I play it from off Steam :]. I think you should give it another chance. I think it’s the best dungeon crawler out right now. It beat Torchlight 2 for me and I love that game. It takes awhile to learn the game but when you do I it’s actually a lot of fun.


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